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I work in media, but most of the time, as an outsider, I have seen a bit of inside and a bit from far off. These two perspectives are synthesised in this blog. I started the blog on media issues in 2007, when I wasn’t sure of my blogging style.  So the posts are rather long, more like articles than blogs. But media professionals and students find it interesting enough to read through. So I did not remove it after I stopped posting a few years ago. I plan to expand this resource soon as an adjunct to my training activities in journalism departments.


This blog on advances in science and technology started as a helpful resource for student volunteers who were producing science news for a science magazine for a community radio station in University of Pune.

The volunteers – students in IISER Pune – retired after one semester and new volunteers never came up. So now I use it for my amusement. The posting in this blog too has reduced. Primarily due to my the satisfaction of my instincts through the output in Current Science.


This blog is on my travels. It is about the journey of my inner life set in the geography of an outside world. It exposes my underbelly. My doubts, reflections.

And watch my YouTube channels here:


This is where I test my videos  Every few months you may see a see a new set of videos and the old ones disappear. I would recommend you to take a look at the series titled LabReports: Glimpses into Contemporary Research that is available there now. Though the series is an experiment in science communication, it gives you an idea about my skills with the medium and the hold on the content.


This channel contains productions by participants in my workshops This is the output from a series of one month workshops conducted in IISER Pune. Students from IISER Mohali and IIT Kanpur  also participated in these workshops, held every December, from 2011-2014. The channel is a testimony to my abilities as a trainer and mentor.


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