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It is now one year. We started with reporting science done by scientists in Pune in Sakaal Times, a Pune based newspaper.


After five issues of Science This Week, we increased our coverage to science done within Maharashtra. And then after five more issues, we increased it further to cover the whole of India. And shifted our platform from Sakaal Times to Current Science, the most respected interdisciplinary science journal in India.

Science Last Fortnight in Current Science started last March. The workshops that I conduct have provided a steady stream of reporters to keep this column going. And I am glad to report that it has also been growing. This year, the journal consented to increasing the number of pages from two to four.

It is not only the number of people that I have trained and the number of pages of output that is growing. The capacity of the people who are writing has also grown. From 300 word report based on a single paper, they have started doing 1500 word reports on a large number of recent papers. The ability to extract the relevant information from papers and the capacity to synthesise the information into a coherent whole and to skills to present them in an engaging manner too, have grown. Click on this link to see a recent example of such science writing.

This year some of them will start writing scientific reviews that hold attention from the beginning to the end. A necessary first step to writing of scientific papers.

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