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Content is King in media, they say.

While it is comparatively easy to teach 5Ws and H, or to handle camera or editing suites, teaching how to handle scientific content is quite often beyond the scope of journalism faculty. Most department do not teach science journalism. Similarly there are no inputs related to dealing with issues such as health, agriculture, technology and environment.

Two rectify the situation, there are two kinds of workshops offered to build the capacity of faculty members in media education institutions – a one week orientation workshop and a two-week training workshop.

One week workshop

That a short, one-week course is necessary and desirable has been demonstrated by the demand as evidenced by the response by faculty members from media and journalism to my other workshops.

While the one week workshop will only orient the faculty to the issues and provide the necessary links and resources to upgrade their knowledge base, it is not enough to build up skills not only in handling scientific content but also in transacting the relevant knowledge to the students.


A one week workshop on Broadcasting Science in FTII, Pune. Media faculty, practitioners and science enthusiasts participated.

It is because of these limitations that the two week workshops were designed.

Two-week workshop

The two-week workshop will also have productive output from the workshop, A majority of faculty members do not actively participate in media. The workshop will help to build their capacity and confidence. This however, is not the main intent of the workshop. The focus is on capacity building to transact the crucial content relevant to pedagogy of science journalism and mass communication. The workshop will dwell on issues related to syllabus, curriculum and teaching/learning materials necessary to adapt to changing media landscapes while working within more stable academic landscapes.

The offer is open to all Staff Academic Colleges of the University Grants Commission. Those SACs that wish to organise such workshops may contact me. If there are visionary vice-chancellors, universities also may organise such workshops to energise their media and journalism departments.

Consultancy on course and curriculum design for Universities

I would like to help universities and journalism/mass media departments to creating a science journalism syllabi for a full course or a paper in science communication. in Departments of Journalism and Mass Media. A course (or a paper) that is more in tune with the needs of media industries.

The consultancy would involve discussions with the head of the institution, brainstorming with faculty, interviews with present and past students. A brief report will be presented at the end of the 5th day. A detailed report on how to restructure the course to suite the level of the students, the faculty available and suggestions for human and other resources to execute the course will be provided within four weeks.

Capacity building of the existing faculty to transact the course, will also be offered where necessary and possible.

See the Past Projects and Consultancies that I have executed to assess my capabilities to meet your specific requirements.


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