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Past Projects, Consultancies

If you are heading a scientific research organisation or a media organisation, you may also think of other ways to use my talents and skills.

Because my interests go beyond science when it comes to issues related to development.

And my activities overstep the domains of media at times.

Some of the The projects and consultancies that I have undertaken up in various capacities are testimony to that. So contact me if you need me.

Previous Expert Group Meetings, Consultancies

Member Review Committee for Review of Syllabus for Science Journalism in University College of Journalism, Ghana, 2015

Member of the Expert Group Meeting on Media Development Indicators organised by UNESCO in Delhi (April 2009) and in San Jose (November 2009).

Member of the Expert Group Meeting on Education for Sustainable Development organised by UNESCO, 7-8 December 2007, Bangkok

Consultant for a seminar on Programme Exchange for IBU members, Damascus, Syria January 2010

Lead Consultant for Training and Technical Needs Analysis of Radio Television Afghanistan, February 2009.

Consultant for Quality Check up of Thai PBS Thailand and MRTV 3 Myanmar, December 2009.

Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluation of INSPIRE programme of the DST after the 11th Plan. Video and print reports providing rapid qualitiative assessment and feedback for better programme execution during the 12 Plan period, 2013

Evaluation of 6 IPDC Projects relating the development of Community Radio in Bangladesh for UNESCO in 2011

Evaluation and monitoring of the Rural Development Programmes of the Government of India – traveled in many districts, blocks and villages as one of the supervisors of the data collection team for Development Communication India, an NGO.

An Assessment of the IEC Capabilities in the State of Rajastan (1994) National AIDS Control Organization, New Delhi.

Assessment of the involvement of women in the maintenance of hand pumps in 8 project areas, distributed in 7 States of India (1992) UNICEF – Principal Investigator

A Communication needs Assessment Study of Basti Block in Uttar Pradesh (1991) Principal Investigator for Development Communication India.

An Assessment of the Use of Video Vans in Electioneering A Video report (1988) Jain Studios

Project Management Experience

Set up a Media Lab and a Television Studio for IISER Pune 2012-2014

Helped to organize Asia-Pacific and Europe Media Dialogue 2007 (Paris), 2009 (Amsterdam)

Helped to organize Asia Media Summit 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 (Kuala Lumpur), 2009 (Macao)

Organised expert group meetings to formulate and draft Minimum Quality Standards for HIV Communication Activities undertaken by Media, September 2008

Organised a regional seminar on HIV and AIDS, 26 May 2008

Organised, co-facilitated and conducted a three-week workshop on HIV and AIDS in Bangkok, March 2008

Organised expert group meeting for curriculum development on science awareness kit for Broadcasters, Laguna, Philippines, February 2008

Organised a sub regional workshop on HIV and AIDS for young TV producers, Islamabad, November 2007

Oragnised international seminar on Global Media Strategies for HIV and AIDS, Kuala Lumpur, May 2007

Organised a regional seminar on Broadcasting and Cultural Diversity, Kuala Lumpur, March 2007

Organised an workshop on Broadcasting and Cultural Diversity, Bangkok, March 2007

Organised an in-country workshop on Media and Good Governance, Vientiane, February 2007

Organised and conducted an in-country workshop on Popularising and reporting Science and Technology, Jakarta, Indonesia, December 2006

Organised a seminar on Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting, New Delhi July 2006

Organised an International preparatory workshop on Understanding and reporting religions, Kuala Lumpur, May 2006

Organised a regional workshop on Media and Accountability, Kuala Lumpur, May 2006

Organised a regional workshop for Radio Managers, Bangkok, January 2006.

Organised a regional seminar on Broadcasters and Regulators, Jakarta, August 2005

Organised a regional workshop on Peace Journalism for Radio Journalists, Jakarta, July 2005

Helped to organise a workshop on Softimage 3 D animation software for media technical staff of the Consortium of Educational media centres of the UGC, January, 2004.

Helped to organise a one daylong cultural festival celebrating Rahim, Ghalib and Khusro, Nizamuddin, New Dehi 2002

Resource person for a three-day workshop on Monitoring of MoRD projects to orient field researchers, Press Club, Dehradun, Uttaranchal, 2002

Organised a pre-production workshop on Biographies of Senior Scientists of India for producers from the UGC Media Centres CEC, New Delhi 2001

Helped to organise literary and cultural events on Bharatendu Harischandra and Iqbal, Sahityakala Academy, New Delhi, 2001

Helped to conduct two Orientation Workshops on Population and Development for Young Media Professionals, Simla 1995, Bombay 1998

Helped to organise and conduct a TV Production Workshop for Directors of Media Centres of Indian Universities, New Delhi, 1998

Helped to organise an Orientation Workshop on HIV and AIDS communication for Media Professionals and Institutions, New Delhi, 1994

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