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High Definition Format

LabReports Demonstration of a new format to report science on TV 2015 – available for viewing at youtube.com/KPMadhu2000

Science for  National Development: Agriculture IISER P on occasion of Science Day 2015

A video report on DSTs INSPIRE Programme in three episodes, IISER Pune, 2014, https://vimeo.com/user34799902

Science Communication: Catalysing a Revolution An institutional programme on Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology 2010 – script and direction.

From Generics to Genomics An institutional programme on CDRI, 2011

DVCAM Format

Low cost Experiments in Physics: A video resource and tool for teachers a series of 68 short videos on using experiments to provoke, challenge and engage students in Physics, 2012, IISER and Vigyan Prasar – Camera, structuring and packaging design.

Pyar, Mohabbat, Ishq, a ethnographic search into perceptions, memories and expressions of love in a middleclass family in Delhi,. (2011) IIT Delhi – Camera and structuring.

Aascharya, Adbhut, an ethnographic search into the memories, perceptions and expression of surprise and wonder, in a middleclass family in Delhi,. (2012) IIT Delhi – Camera and structuring.

Emotion, Language, Culture, an exploration into the emotional world of a family (2011) IIT Delhi – Script and camera

Drops in an Ocean A strategy to make Polio Drops Campaign successful (2004) DCI – Script, Camera, Direction.

Power to the People A strategy to use the rivulets in Himalayas for electricity generation (2004) Development Communication India – Script, Camera, Direction.

Beta Format

Emerging Technologies: Float Glass (1994) Chitra Utsav – Script, Camera, Direction.

The Challenge, the Options On the new menu of the Cafeteria approach to birth control (1994) Chitra Utsav – Script, Camera, Direction.

Aurobindo Ghosh An introduction to his works (1997) CWCR – Script, Presentation.

A Foreigner but not a Stranger An introduction to the bottlebrush tree (1998) CWCR – Script, Direction, Editing.

Umatic Hiband

Musical Drums of India A visualization of Sir C V Raman’s paper with the same title (1993) Camala Creations – Camera and Editing.

Pratishravam On the Onam festival of Kerala (1993) Camala Creations – Editing.

Number Systems III About irrational Numbers and Exponential notation (1994) National Open School – Script, Camera.

Calibration of Testing Equipment Quality of cement is tested by different types of equipment. The methods of calibration of some of them (1994) DCI – Script, Camera, Editing.

Turning Point 16 episodes of a popular science serial in a magazine format (1995-96) Times Television – Research, Script editing, Production Control.

U-matic Low Band

Test Tube Plants – Plant tissue culture techniques (1984) UGC’s Countrywide Classroom (CWCR) Direction and Editing

Life- Its Unity and Diversity – On the universality of the genetic code (1984) CWCR – Direction and Editing.

To Err is Human – Small errors in measurement turn into huge errors in calculation (1984) CWCR – Direction and Editing.

Story of Copper – From mining to refining and use (1985) CWCR – Direction and Editing.

Self-Organization in Chemical Systems Belousov Zhabotinsky reaction (1985) Research, Script, Direction, Editing.

Low Cost, Fire Proof, Cyclone Proof Housing (1985) CSIR for an exhibition in Russia – Research, Script, Direction, Editing.

Freedom movement A two part series on Indian History (1985) CWCR – Editing.

Smack: The Kiss that Kills A TV spot against heroin addiction (1985) MFW – Script, Direction, Editing.

Understanding Heroin Abuse A spot for the Ant drug Campaign (1985) MFW – Script, Direction, Editing.

Our Voices – Understanding the basis of the differences in voices (1986) CWCR – Direction, Online Switching.

Seeds Part I: Suspended Animation – How long can a seed survive? (1986) CWCR – Direction, Editing

Seeds Part II: What makes the seed grow? (1986) CWCR – Direction, Editing

Language of Music – On the International Musical Notation System (1986) CWCR – Script, Direction, Editing, Special effects design

New Perspectives in Stress Management – Three simple techniques to cope with stress (1986) Medical Television – Script, Direction and Editing

Naya Rasta A new strategy for achieving cent percent coverage for the immunization programme using primary school as the focus of activities.  An experiment in Communi-Action – Research. (1986) Medical Television – Direction

New Biology – A series of 12 interview based programmes covering the concerns of scientists of international calibre, including three Nobel Laureates. (1988) Media Trek – Crewmember for all episodes, Director for two episodes.

Science of cooking Eggs – An account of some scientific principles in a simple practical situation. (1988) UGC’s CWCR – Research, Script, Direction, Editing

Plants in our Neighbourhood: Part I to Part VIII  – The botanical, medicinal, commercial importance of the plants we meet everyday – Designed as a bottom-to-top approach to Taxonomic studies. Designed also to pretest the strengths and weaknesses of different production parameters. (1988) CWCR – Research, Script, Direction, Editing.

How to Stand on Giant Shoulders Part I – Introduction to library research methodologies (1988) CWCR- Research, Script, Direction, Editing.

How to Stand on Giant Shoulders Part II – On the distinctions between different sources of knowledge (1988) CWCR – Research, Script, Direction, Editing

Herbarium Part I – Introduction to the uses of a herbarium (1988) CWCR – Research, Script, Camera, Direction, Editing, Music

Research Highlights – Tuberculosis Research Centre (1988) ICMR – Editing

Indian Consultancy for Infrastructural Projects (1989) Times Television – Script

Consultants as interface between R&D and Project Execution (1989) Times Television – Script

Operation Sea Bird A Project of the navy in Karwad (1989) Channel 9 – Editing

A Matter of the Heart Part I: Rheumatic Heart Disease (1989) Television Programme Company – Script, Camera, Editing.

Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute – An institutional programme (1991) Television Programme Company – Research, Script, Camera.

Japanese Encephalitis On the signs, symptoms, prognosis and prevention of the disease (1992) ICMR – Camera

Institute for Research in Medical Entomology Research Highlights (1992) ICMR – Camera

Thanesar: A Journey through Time A mound which contains archeological remains of Successive habitations through two thousand years (1992) Chitra Utsav – Script,  Camera, Direction, Editing

A Matter of the Heart Part II: Angina Pectoris A health education programme (1993) Television Programme Company – Script

Black and White 16 mm films

Electricity – An introduction to the principles in everyday practice. (1982) Television News Features. Script writer

Physics of Motion – Newton’s laws for sports persons. (1982) TVNF – Script writer

A Closer Look at the Housefly – An unhygienic insect, which constantly cleans itself (1982) TVNF – Script and Direction

Mycorrhyza: A Friendly Fungus for the Farmer (1983) TVNF – Script, Direction, animation and Editing.

Fire – An insight into the Physics and Chemistry of fire (1983) TVNF – Narration Script

Thermodynamics of Self-organization –A popular account of Nonlinear Phenomena (1983) TVNF – Script, Direction, Animation and Editing

Physics Chemistry and Biology of Cooking – Science in the kitchen (1983) TVNF – Script, Direction, Animation

Societies Big and Small – A comparison between insect and human societies (1984) Script, Direction and Editing.

Communication Package Design

Sthree Sakthi A communication package consisting of one training video, six trigger tapes to evoke discussions, one manual in the comic book format, a flip chart in the form of a calendar, and three posters as support materials for training women to repair handpumps (1990-91) UNICEF – Media Resource Person on behalf of Indian Council of Communication, Training and Research.


1978 – 1981         Published popular science articles in Malayala Manorama newspaper, Malayala Nadu Magazine and Sastragathi, a monthly periodical in Kerala, India.

1980 – 1982         Published popular science articles in English in The Hindustan Times, Financial Express, Patriot and National Herald (newspapers) Patriot, Surya and Delhi Recorder (magazines) in New Delhi.


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