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Seeing the forest – in spite of the trees

The workshop in the Institute for Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding was quite focussed. A significant number of participants were from other ICFRE institutes. Some of them knew each other earlier. And given the pre-workshop online interactions, it took off faster than usual.

The participants were given a list of recent publications by Indian scientists. They could choose the entry of their choice, access the paper, read it to identify the question/problem being tackled, understand the methods that the scientists used to tackle the problem, the results that present or point at a solution and the implications of that finding.


By the third day, the participants had started writing. Converting a terminology ridden scientific paper of a few thousand words into a 300 word report which captures the essence of the whole paper and yet is comprehensible and engaging for readers from other disciplines.

The process of editing, reformulating and restructuring the piece gave the participants an insight about the processes required to make acceptable manuscripts targeted to different types of audiences and for various purposes.  

For a report on the proceedings of the workshop and an evaluation of the workshop by the participants, please see here.

To see the output of the workshop, see the next issue of Current Science where it will be published in a column titled Science Last Fortnight.



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