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Science Communication & Media Practice, Kolkata

The Indian Science News Association organises a training programme on Science Communication and Media Practice. They used to get support from NCSTC earlier. This year, it is supported by Vigyan Prasar. The programme runs from July to October. Two hours in the evening makes it easy for people to attend. A large variety of speakers give inputs on a wide variety of issues. 

Usually the resource people are local. This year, due to Vigyan Prasar’s intervention, they called me. To talk about search-research-read-reflect-write technique. 

About 30 people were registered. But thank god, only 20 attended. I say attended, not participated. Because I could only lecture. Not much work was done since only a few had laptops. 

And given that the students (not participants) were of different age groups, with widly varying educational backgrounds, (one engineer, one BCom, one English Literature, one MCA, some BSc and a few MSc), I had to keep the pitch to the lowest common denominator. One and a half days of one way communication. At the end of it, I felt tired. Total waste of time, effort and money. No output. No expectations of any outcome. 

One learns by making mistakes. 


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