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Output from workshop on Science Writing

Here is the output from the workshop in Bengaluru: news about science being done in India. The people who were trained in earlier workshops had initiated a two page column “Science Last Fortnight” in Current Science. The participants of this workshop increased it to four pages containing fifteen reports. See the column of July 10th issue in Current Science here.

Of course, that is only a small part of what Indian scientists are doing. India published about 65,000 papers last year. About 20,000 of those papers contain information that is relevant to the public. I will have to conduct many more such workshops to do justice to reporting of Indian science in a manner which is understandable to Indian citizens.  I will target to reach about 100 reports per month by the end of this year.

To get there, I will need to conduct at least 3 more workshops this year. Unless research organisations host such workshops, I may not be able to achieve my target.


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