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Searching and Re-searching

21st June. Bangalore.

It is the second day of the workshop. The participants are more at ease.

We discussed searching techniques with search engines of different kinds, giving more attention to Google, the engine which everybody had used. Tweaking the settings and using advanced search to get more satisfactory results is the first step. Some participants had not ever used bookmarking. Once these limitations were quickly overcome, some time was spent on Google scholar. Again settings and advanced search options available were introduced.

Since Google, Yahoo etc. have killed their directories, DMOZ was explored to help participants see that there are alternative ways of looking for scientific knowledge and information. For science columnists, directories are of immense value, especially when they run out of subjects to write about. Participants got to learn about ways to search for directories.

Then there was a short introduction to scientific databases. As an example, the Web of Science was accessed. And the work began.




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