Capacity building of media. And of scientists.

Presently, in the Indian media, coverage of science is limited to 2 to 4%. As per international standards, science coverage for a country like India, should be 10 to 15%. But the required expertise needed to deal with terminology ridden science and technology issues is lacking in media houses.

This site aims to reduce this difference between demand and supply of relevant knowledge and skills. The activities offered are web based virtual workshops to provide knowledge and orient attitudes, complemented with face-to-face workshops that focus on building skills.

As the URL of the site signifies, it is a place for workshops to build bridges between science and media. On offer are different kinds of workshops related to science and media for different target groups. They can be clubbed under two main themes:-

     1. Science Communication for media professionals:

If you are a media professional, media faculty or media student, I will help you handle the complexity and difficulty of reporting science and to create excitement in your readers, listeners and viewers.

     2. Media Production for scientitsts:

If you are a scientist, researcher or science student, I will help you deal with the hesitations and difficulties in communication using mass media – print, radio, television, or the Internet.

Please choose what you like from the blue menu tabs at the top of the page.

A statement of self interest:

Beyond the overriding national imperative stated above, there are some purely personal reasons for making this site. I have been writing, producing documentaries and training people to write and to produce documentaries, especially in the area of science and related subjects like technology, health, agriculture and environment. When I look back on the work that I have done, I find that, though is quite voluminous, it is quite scattered.

I hope I can use this site to try and bring a semblance of order to what I am attempting to do in this world. This site will also be the fulcrum around which my books, YouTube channels, blogs, consultancies and other projects, come together with training workshops.1622494_524825687630854_836745194_o

I started making this site in September 2015 and hope to populate it with materials that are useful – whether you are into media or into science.

After exploring this site, please do come back after a month or two. It will be richer.

I promise.

Proof of the pudding

The work done in the last three years has started bearing fruit. Besides a column titled Science Last Fortnight in Current Science and a column titled Lab to Land in Kerala Karshakan, an ejournal, the overflow of productivity by people that I have trained spills into a website, STEAMindiaReports. Check it out.